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How do I become a Jopper?

To be a Jopper, you need a talent you’d like to share. Joppers provide services at all price points and in a variety of categories, including Home, All-Around Help, Pet Care, Cleaning, Beauty, Entertainment, Wellness, and Lessons. You also need to be 18 or over, and pass a background check and an internal review.

Fill out the Jopper application on the Jop website. If you have any questions, Jop Ops would love to answer them! Use the Contact Form to get in touch.

Are there any requirements for Joppers?

Joppers must pass a background check and be 18 or over from the time they apply to offer services on Jop. Joppers must also, if required by law, have the necessary licensing and certification to provide their services. If these certifications are required, you will be asked to submit your license or certification number when you apply.

Why should I be using Jop?

Jop provides a platform for trustworthy professionals and talented individuals to find success – the platform helps you find customers and provides the tools for you to communicate easily to provide great service. Because you can set your own hours, decide what services you provide, how much you earn per hour or per service, and choose where you work, you are totally in control of your job. Imagine if you could combine a boss, office, and advertising budget in one app. That’s Jop.

Who are the customers using Jop?

Anybody with a smartphone!

No, seriously. Have you ever looked around a crowd and thought, “I wonder if any of these people need help with...whatever service you provide”? Jop connects you with those people: the woman who walks her dog past your house every morning, the man who only thinks Chef Boyardee is fancy cuisine, the neighbor you keep meaning to meet, the local business who is just now realizing it needs your talents for a few hours every Tuesday.

How much does it cost to use Jop?

Using Jop is free! Once you complete a service, a small cut is taken: 20% off the first service with a customer, and 15% for every service with that customer afterwards. You’ll see the exact dollar amount on your Jopper application.

What is the Jop equity sharing program?

Jop aims to be a community of people who work for each other, and own the Jop platform together.

Jop’s equity sharing program is the first in the sharing economy. For the first time, service providers on an on-demand platform are given a financial stake in their workspace. Service providers will also given a voice in company decisions.

What is a jop?

A jop is a service between two individuals, booked through the Jop app.

Can customers choose the Joppers they want to work with?

Yes! Customers can choose the person they want to work with, so it’s up to you to be the person they can’t wait to hire. Jop has created a guide filled with suggestions for making the best impression on the Jop app.

Can I choose my services?

Yes! You can customize your work by customizing your services, rates and availability. That way, you do the work you love when you'd like to be working.

How many bookings will I receive?

While we’re looking for a crystal ball, we can offer you some suggestions on getting more customer bookings. If you respond quickly to potential customers, keep your calendar updated, arrive at appointments prepared and on-time, and make sure that your rates are competitive, we hear that lots of bookings could be in your future.

Do I need a license or certification?

It depends on what service you’d like to provide. Joppers whose services require licensing or certification must provide this information when they apply. For example, by law, massage therapists, makeup artists, and hairstylists must provide proof of licensing and/or certification. Licensing or certification information will be verified internally by Jop Ops. Otherwise, no license or certification is required.

What kinds of services can I offer without a license or certification?

There are many services you can do without a license in the All-Around Help category. In addition, dog walking, tutoring, furniture assembly, housekeeping, office cleaning, and serving are all services that can be provided without a certification. You can see the full list on the Jopper application.

What if I have a certification that’s not required?

Some services, like tutoring, yoga instruction, or being a handyman, do not require certifications, although certifications are available. If you have earned one of these certifications, congratulations! Take a photo of the certification and include it in your portfolio gallery so that customers can see you’re top notch.

What kind of screening do you do?

During the Jopper application, you agree to a background check. Jopper background checks may include SSN verification, criminal check (local, state, federal), sexual offender check, and terrorist watchlist check. Any required licensing or certification will be verified. Your references will be checked. You will also complete a phone interview with Jop Ops.

How do I sign up to offer another service?

Reach out to Jop Ops! You will not have to repeat the whole application. The new service will be added to your current Jopper account.

Please do not create another account to offer additional services as a Jopper. If you’re caught with multiple Jopper accounts, you risk being removed from the Jop platform. If you have any questions about adding more services, or are experiencing difficulties with the application form, reach out to Jop Ops. We would be happy to help you out.

Can I still get work through another on-demand platform?

Sure! This is a platform for you to manage your time and accelerate your business, so feel free to use Jop as best helps you. That said, Jop does have a loyalty program that rewards Joppers the more they work through the platform. And, because of the wide variety of services you can offer on Jop, not to mention all of the great features provided on the app, we hope you want to use Jop all the time.

If you want to provide a service that’s not available on Jop yet, contact Jop Ops with the name of the service and the reason you think it’s a great fit for the app. We will do our best to offer the service on Jop soon.

How do I access Jopper Mode?

Open the Jop app and log in. Make sure you log in with the same information you used on your Jopper Application. You will be automatically logged into Jopper Mode and will be taken directly to your calendar.

When can I contact customers?

You can begin messaging customers through chat as soon as they request a booking with you. After that, we encourage you to proactively message customers to get all necessary information about the service.

For example, before the service takes place, you can message the customer if you’re having trouble finding parking.

How do I contact customers?

Tap “My Jops” in the app. Tap on the individual booking. At the top of the screen is a chat option, where you can message and securely call individual customers. For safety and convenience, Jop encourages everybody to use the app’s messaging service.

How can I manage my availability?

Open up the app. You will be taken directly to your Calendar. You can click on the calendar squares to turn your availability on and off. You will be given the option to make this a weekly availability.

Your calendar does not change when you confirm a booking. This allows you to manage your own schedule. Once you confirm a booking, it's a good idea to think about whether this appointment means you are unavailable for a time slot (morning, afternoon, evening) and update your Jopper calendar accordingly. This change will not be made automatically. Your Jop calendar synchronizes automatically with your phone calendar. That way, you can keep track of your schedule in one convenient location.

What are those numbers on my calendar?

A number on a block of time in your calendar indicates that you have a booking during that block.

I forgot to update my availability and now somebody has requested me for a time when I’m not available! What do I do?

First, take a deep breath. Then, we suggest sending a polite message to the customer explaining the situation. Then, you may want to try offering a few similar times. For example, you can suggest doing the service at the same time on the days before and after the requested service, or at the same time a week later.

How can I reschedule a booking?

Open the Jop app and contact the customer on chat. If you both agree on a time together, change the booking time by tapping the “Time” button at the top of the chat screen.

This would be a great time to update your Calendar to reflect your new booking.

What happens if the customer and I cannot find a time to reschedule a booking?

If you and your customer cannot find a time to reschedule a booking, one of you will have to cancel the booking. Try to avoid this scenario, since repeated cancellations can lead to a bad internal rating and diminish your exposure on the Jop platform. Repeated cancellations may also lead to Jopper suspension as described in the Jopper agreement.

Can I reschedule a booking when a customer asks me?

Yes you can! Open the app, go to the booking details, and open the chat between the two of you. Tap the Time button at the top of the screen to change the booking time and date as you and the customer have agreed on.

This would be a great time to update your Calendar to reflect your new availability.

How do I cancel a booking?

Open the app. Go to the individual booking in “My Jops”. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on the “Cancel” link.

In order to keep improving Jop, you’ll be asked a few questions about what made you decide to cancel this booking. Your response will remain confidential. Do your best to minimize cancellations. Too many cancellations will affect your Jopper rating, your ranking in search, and may result in your removal from the Jop platform.

What happens if I cancel a booking?

Cancelling a booking without a customer request will become part of your Jopper record and may affect where you appear within search results. Depending on how you handle the cancellation, it may also result in negative feedback from your customer. For more details, see the Jop Service Professional Agreement and the Jop Terms & Conditions.

What happens if the customer cancels a booking?

You will be notified in an email and in a push notification as soon as the customer cancels. If the customer cancels within 24 hours of the booking’s start time, they will need to pay a fee.

If the customer cancels a confirmed booking 2-24 hours before the appointment start time, the customer pays 25% of the service costs. You will receive 80% of this fee for a first-time customer, and 85% of the fee for a repeat customer. If the customer cancels a confirmed booking less than 2 hours before the appointment start time, the customer pays 50% of the service costs. You will receive 80% of this fee for a first-time customer, and 85% of the fee for a repeat customer. For more details, see the Jop Service Professional Agreement and the Jop Terms & Conditions.

Can I send someone else to a booking if I can't make it?

No. For everyone’s continued safety and happiness, you are the only person who can perform your bookings and services.

Jop cannot stress enough how important it is that you are the only one who shows up to your jops. Violating this guideline violates the Jop Terms & Conditions. If Jop receives a report that a Jopper has sent someone to a booking in their place, the Jopper’s account will be immediately terminated.

What happens if I have an emergency that prevents me from showing up at a booking?

First, if you are able, contact the customer over chat to explain the situation.

If you are gravely injured right before the booking is supposed to start, please seek medical assistance first. Your health and safety are always the most important. Once you are able, contact the customer over chat, and contact Jop Ops so that everything can get sorted out.

What is my Jopper identification?

Your Jopper identification is: your Jopper profile picture, and the badge you stick on the back of your phone. Make sure your profile picture looks like you. Make sure you bring your badge to every booking. A customer has the right to ask to see the badge and your state-issued ID.

How can I stay safe on a booking?

Your safety is very important to Jop! If you ever feel unsafe during a service, listen to your gut. Leave. Call 911 right away (if appropriate), then contact Jop Ops as soon as possible.

If you have large or heavy tools with you at the service, feel free to leave them. Jop will send somebody to pick up and return the tools to you once the situation allows.

What if I need more time to complete a service?

You may change the duration of a service by tapping “Update Service” on the individual booking screen. If your service is billed per hour, you can increase the number of hours from there.

Make sure to discuss these changes with your customer, that you come to an agreement, and confirm this agreement in a clear chat message so that everything moves forward smoothly.

What if I need to charge more than the agreed upon price for a service?

There are two different scenarios in which you may raise the price of a service:

1. You may realize that it will take longer to complete a service than you originally estimated. In this case, talk to your customer to determine how they’d like you to proceed. If you agree to add more time to the booking, you can add more time in “My Jops”. If the customer does not want to add more time, continue your work for the intended amount of time. Before you leave, try to bring the project to a manageable pause. You may also want to consider staying for a little extra time when possible – this extra work can help you get a great review on the service, and more bookings in the future. 2. You may have expenses for a service. If you realize that you need to make purchases before the service is scheduled to take place, contact the customer through chat to determine whether they would like to make the purchases themselves, or have you expense the items in the “Update Service” section of the booking page. It is mandatory that you come to a clear agreement on chat, including specifying the amount you are both fine with spending. You may realize during the service that you need to make purchases. Talk with your customer before proceeding. You must confirm your decision on chat, and add time and expenses to reflect your decision on the app. However, it’s best to avoid this scenario. Be proactive when you check in with the customer over chat to see if they need anything. Additionally, the customer may tell you they are surprised at some aspect of the price. Remind them that the price has two components: your fee (which pays you for your hard work!), and the SafeFee (which keeps everyone secure).

How do I change my price for services?

Head over to the Jop website (jop.me) and log in through the Jopper application. You will be able to change the price for your services.

How do expenses work?

If you and the customer agree on you making purchases for a service, you pay for the items, then input the price in the app (in Jopper Mode, go to the individual booking and tap “Revise Expenses”). Once you complete the service, these expenses will be added to the invoice.

How do I get paid?

Payment is deposited straight to your bank account. During onboarding, you will be asked for your banking account information.

When do I get paid?

Payment for a booking will be deposited into your bank account 7 days after the customer pays for that booking.

If you have any questions, please contact our operations specialists at 1.888.237.3584.

Can I accept tips?

You can accept tips through the Jop app. As a Jopper, you are discouraged from accepting cash tips. Once a customer has paid paid, they have the option to add a tip for the service. If you are offered a cash tip, you can remind your customer about this convenient feature. As soon as you submit your invoice, the Jop app reminds all customers that they can add a tip to a great service.

100% of the customer’s tip is transferred directly to your bank account.

How do I dispute a review?

Report the problem to Jop Ops. An operations specialist will contact you as soon as possible.

What is the Jop SafeFee?

The SafeFee is a 5% charge that goes to providing adequate protections to keep you safe. The Jop SafeFee covers comprehensive customer care, background checks, and license checks. It’s our priority at Jop to make sure that Joppers and customers remain safe working together. The SafeFee is paid by customers and does not impact your earnings.

How do I unregister from Jop?

First, please give our team a chance to create a better Jop experience for you. Please reach out to Jop Ops and give us a chance to make things right.

If you’re sure you want to leave, contact Jop Ops with your account information (name, email address, phone number) with the subject line “Unregister From Jop”. Within a few days, you will receive an email confirming that your account has been deleted. You may want to delete the app from your phone. We’re sorry to see you go!

How do I unsubscribe from Jop emails?

Click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of your email. We’re sorry to see you go!

There is a difference between the amount of money I received from Jop and the amount I expected to receive. What do I do to resolve this situation?

First, check the “Earnings” page in the Jop App. Your weekly earnings for the previous week should match up with the amount deposited in your account. If after consulting “My Earnings,” you are still confused, contact Jop Ops.

What if a customer asks me to deliver alcohol or cigarettes?

If a customer asks you to deliver alcohol or cigarettes, we suggest complying with legal age limits for handling these items. We would also suggest confirming that the customer is old enough to drink or smoke before picking up these items, in compliance with local laws.