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What is Jop?

Jop is the app where people work for each other. Whatever you need, help comes right to your doorstep.

On Jop, you hire and pay Joppers directly through the app. To find the right person, you can sort through a detailed profile, including customer reviews and a portfolio, and use the in-app messaging service.

How do I use Jop?

Download the app! Jop is available for both iOs and Android. All services are available exclusively through the app.

Why should I be using Jop?

Jop gives you the opportunity to work with an individual instead of a company. This provides you with exactly the person you’d like to work with at a clear and direct price. The help you need arrives direct to your doorstep.

Which services are available on Jop?

From massage to DJs, pretty much every service you can legally have done in your home is available on the Jop platform.

Services categories include: Beauty, All-Around Help, Home, Pet Care, Cleaning, Entertainment, Wellness, and Lessons.

How much does it cost to use Jop?

Jop is free to use! You only pay for services you get done. Joppers set their own prices, and these prices will vary based on their experience, location, and hustle. There’s also a 5% charge called the SafeFee, which goes toward background checking Joppers on the platform and providing excellent customer care.

Can I use Jop if I don’t have a smartphone?

Jop is currently available only as an app. If you would like to use Jop, you may want to talk to your cellphone provider about whether smartphones are right for you.

In the meantime, if someone else in your household has a smartphone, you can use your email address or social media account to create an account on Jop.

What is a Jopper?

A Jopper is an individual who offers their services through Jop, hired directly by you, without the overhead of a company in between.

How are Joppers vetted?

After applying, Joppers complete a phone interview, and are reviewed manually by Jop Ops. Joppers agree to a background check and, when required by law for their service, provide proof of certification and/or licensing. There is also an in-house review of Jopper applicants, which includes checking their references, their internet presence, and verifying their certification and/or licensing.

Finally, Joppers are constantly rated and reviewed by users on the app. These reviews provide information to fellow Jop users, and allow Jop Ops to ensure that Joppers are consistently providing great service.

How are Joppers rated?

Joppers may have blue or gold stars which appear in their profile. Blue stars are a temporary initial rating given to them internally by Jop, based on the Jopper’s application and the internal review process completed by our operations specialists. Jop gives these stars to show you that these Joppers have successfully gone through Jop’s vetting process.

Once customers review a Jopper, these blue stars turn gold. Gold star reviews have been given by customers on the Jop platform after working with Joppers. Jop does not influence these gold star ratings.

Are Joppers screened and background checked?

All Joppers are background checked and screened before they are able to offer services on the site. Background checks are customized depending on services offered. Depending on the service, their essential licensing documents are also verified.

What is included in the background check?

The Jopper background check may include SSN verification, address history, and searches of the national criminal database, sex offender registry, and terrorist watch. In addition, all service providers go through an in-house screening that covers their online presence, license verification, and follow up with their references.

Are Joppers all licensed and certified?

Joppers who offer services requiring licensing or certification are required to provide proof when they register for Jop. We check every license against state and federal records.

How can I find a Jopper?

Once you’re on the Jop app, you can either search for the service you need, or browse through Jop’s list of services offered. You’ll find all the Joppers who provide that service and will be able to browse their profiles.

I searched for a service but no Joppers came up. What’s happening?

Sorry to hear that! There are a few possibilities. You may have searched for a service that Joppers provide as part of a larger service. For example, if you search for “Yoga Equipment,” which you can only receive as part of a yoga lesson, nothing will come up. Try searching the broader service, which in this case would be “yoga lesson”. It's also possible that you've filtered the results too narrowly. For example, if you have specified a date and time, it’s possible that no nearby Joppers are available then. If possible, try searching without these filters, and discuss further with selected Joppers to find a service time together. Finally, there may be no Joppers who provide that service in your area. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jop Ops to see what can be done. Joppers are starting on the platform all the time, and the Jopper you need could be available to help you right when you need.

When are Joppers available?

Joppers set their own availability. Most Joppers are available between 6 AM and 12 AM, seven days a week.

What if I need a Jopper after 12 AM?

Certain jobs, like a DJ, may be available later than 12 AM at the discretion of Joppers and Jop Ops. Customer service will not be live after 10 PM, so if you book a Jopper after this time, you will not have instant customer support.

How does booking work?

When you decide you’d like to hire a Jopper, you tap the “Request A Booking” button on their profile. From there, you are able to choose a day and a timeslot (morning, afternoon, evening). This request is sent to the Jopper, who will be in touch with you to determine an exact time over chat.

My phone battery died in the middle of a booking request! Did the booking still go through?

First, charge your phone. Once it restarts, open the Jop app and, in the “My Profile” section, tap “My Bookings”. If your booking request went through, it will appear in this section. If your booking request was interrupted by your battery’s demise, it will not appear in this section. Make the booking request again. If you are still confused, contact Jop Ops.

Is there any way I can find out if a Jopper can handle my very specific needs without submitting a booking request?

First, you can check the Jopper’s profile. Their bio and portfolio photos should give you a sense of whether the Jopper fits your needs. If you still have questions, you can submit a booking request. This is totally free. This step allows you to contact Joppers and find out if they are a match for your needs. To streamline the conversation even more, when you submit the booking request, you can provide details on your particular situation so that the Jopper starts your conversation in the know.

Once you submit a booking request, the Jopper will quickly contact you to find out more about scheduling your booking. At this point, you two can talk more about the specifications of your booking, and determine whether you can work well together. You only pay if you decide to confirm the booking, after the service has been completed at the time and date agreed upon by you and the Jopper.

What if I don’t want a service at my current location?

Not a problem. Once you begin to search for a Jopper, you will be asked to set the service location. At this point, you may enter the address where you’d like the service to take place.

How do I contact my Jopper?

Check out the individual booking in the “My Bookings” in the Profile section. At the top of the screen there’s a Messages button, where you can message and securely call individual Joppers through the app. Your contact information is never released to a Jopper unless you decide to provide this information yourself.

For safety and convenience, Jop encourages everybody to use the app’s messaging service. If there’s a dispute in the future, everything is documented.

How do I pay my Jopper?

While you are booking your first service, you will be asked for your credit card information. You can either submit a scan of your card or input the digits.

Your credit card will not be charged until the service is completed. At this time, you will also be emailed a receipt.

Do I need to provide my credit card information every time I make a booking request?

After your first service, your credit card information is saved on a secure payment processor by Stripe. Stripe processes online payments by trusted companies like Kickstarter, Lyft, TED, Slack, and Postmates. Jop will never access this information.

Can I pay cash?

Payment is made through the Jop app, on a credit card only. Your credit card information is saved on a secure payment processor by Stripe. Stripe processes online payments by trusted companies like Kickstarter, Lyft, TED, Slack, and Postmates. Jop will never access this information.

I think the price a Jopper offers is too high or low. Can I negotiate with them?

Jopper prices are fixed. Joppers set their own prices for the services they offer on Jop. These prices include not only the time they spend with you, but their transportation costs, preparation time, and, depending on the service, may even include equipment costs.

You are free to keep searching to find a Jopper in your price range, or provide a tip after the service if you feel the Jopper is undercharging.

How do I cancel a service?

Check out the individual booking in the “My Bookings” in the Profile section. Scroll down to the bottom of the booking information screen and tap on the “Cancel Booking” button.

In order to help us keep improving Jop, you’ll be asked a few questions about what made you decide to cancel this booking. Your responses will remain confidential. Please note that if you cancel within 24 hours of a booking’s start time, you will be charged a cancellation fee. However, if you’re able to reschedule the booking with the same Jopper on the Jop app, in chat, this fee will be waived.

What if I am not happy with my service or Jopper?

We’re sorry to hear that! Talk things over with your Jopper as soon as possible, and try to find a solution together. Jop has written a guide to sorting these situations out.

If you still can’t settle the situation, please don’t hesitate to contact Jop Ops and they will help you work through the situation.

How do I report a problem with my service?

We’re sorry to hear your service wasn’t excellent! If you feel that there’s a problem which cannot be resolved between you and your Jopper, please contact Jop Ops

How do I recognize my Jopper?

Your Jopper should look like their profile photo on Jop. For added safety, ask the Jopper to show you their identification badge before you let them into your house.

You can also ask the Jopper for state ID or their drivers’ license.

The person who showed up is not the Jopper I hired. What do I do?

That’s not cool. If you hire a Jopper, that person should arrive at your doorstep. Please send that person away and get in touch with Jop Ops as soon as possible.

The Jopper is late. What do I do?

If the Jopper is only a few minutes late, try calling or messaging them on the app. Try and reschedule directly with the Jopper, or come to an agreement together.

If the Jopper does not respond after 30 minutes, you may cancel your service with no cancellation fee. When you cancel, select “The Jopper is more than 30 minutes late” as your reason for cancelling. If you continue to have problems, you can report the situation to Jop Ops, who will help you move forward from there.

My Jopper didn’t show up. Now what?

We’re sorry to hear that! Try contacting the Jopper through chat or the in-app call service.

If you have tried reaching out to your Jopper and haven’t received a response, cancel the booking. Make sure you select “Jopper did not show up” when you cancel so that you will receive a full refund. If you wish, you can send a more complete report of the situation to Jop Ops.

Can I be refunded?

We’re sorry to hear you were unhappy with your service! If you’ve tried to resolve the situation with your Jopper but nothing has worked out, please contact Jop Ops to determine if you are eligible for a refund.

I loved my Jopper! How can I book them again?

We’re glad you had a great experience! To rebook your Jopper, you can go to the previous booking, and clicking their photo to get to their profile. From there, you can request another booking.

Do I have to leave a tip?

Never feel pressured to leave a tip. Joppers are very aware of the fact that tips are optional on Jop, and have set their prices accordingly. However, if you feel that you have received an especially great service, feel free to tip your Jopper. To do so, close the app. When you re-open, you will be greeted with a screen that gives you the opportunity to rate and review your jop and leave the Jopper a tip.

If you ever feel that you have been pressured to leave a tip, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jop Ops. Nobody should be pressuring you to tip.

What if my Jopper pressured me to leave a good rating or review?

That’s not acceptable. Reviews and ratings help people find great Joppers. A Jopper should be earning good ratings and reviews with great service. If you ever feel pressured to leave a dishonest rating or review, please report your experience to Jop Ops.

What is the Jop SafeFee?

The SafeFee is a 5% charge that goes to providing adequate protections to keep you safe. The Jop SafeFee covers comprehensive customer care, background checks, and license checks. It’s our priority at Jop to make sure that Joppers and customers remain safe working together.

How do I become a Jopper?

We’re so glad you asked! Everybody can be a Jopper, all you need is a talent you’d like to share. Fill out the Jopper application on the Jop website.

What do you do with my personal information?

All of your personal information is stored securely on a third party database.

I want to use Jop but it’s not available in my city yet. What do I do?

Jop will hopefully be launching in your city very soon. In the meantime, you can still download the app and sign up. You will then be first on the list for updates when Jop launches in your city.

How do I get unregistered from Jop?

Before you unregister, our team would love to create a better experience for you on Jop. Please reach out to Jop Ops and give us a chance to make things right.

If you’re sure you want to leave, contact Jop Ops with your account information (name, email address, phone number) with the subject line “Unregister From Jop”. Within a few days, you will receive an email confirming that your account has been deleted. You may want to delete the app from your phone. We’re sorry to see you go!

How do I unsubscribe from Jop emails?

Click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of your email. We’re sorry to see you go!

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